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Quick Info

Lukas at saw.jpg
Expertise: management, woodworking,
3D printing, laser cutting
eMail: lukas [ät]
GitHub: LukasFreeze
Thingiverse: LokusArts
Telegram: @LukasFreeze

Hi, I'm Lukas, one of the CoMakingSpace's founders and managers. You'll often find me in the Space during the Wednesday Making Hours :-)

I always knew I liked to build and assemble things, but never thought of myself as very creative until I built my first 3D printer and began to understand CAD programs. Many other techniques have gotten my attention since then and I believe that knowing how to work with a material automatically leads to tons of ideas what to do with it. Therefore, learning and teaching is the main advantage of community workshops like the CoMakingSpace in my eyes (closely followed by all the cool stuff you couldn't afford on your own).

Besides coming up with new ideas, I believe that knowing even just a few basic methods and tools enables everyone to repair and recycle their stuff more efficiently, reducing the amount of waste our modern society likes to generate.


I especially like combining different materials, upcycling "waste" and incorporating natural materials into my projects. A continuous effort of mine is creating content and structure for this wiki to equip other Makers (especially those around Heidelberg) with a good starting point for their own projects, and contributing to solutions in our Space's "issue tracker".

Future projects will likely revolve around constructing the CoMakingSpace and increasing its selection of jigs and self-made tools - squeezing in some personal projects now and then:



And here are some of my projects that are (probably) finished:


  • various other home improvements, e.g. a balkony table
  • "Maker's mark" to brand or emboss my finished pieces
  • experiments under the Precious Plastic umbrella
  • welding more campfire and barbecue equipment
  • froe and three-way wedge for splitting wood
  • marking knife, knife sharpener, parting tool & more out of old circular saw blades
  • puzzle games like the "Nut-T Coin Trap" that could be adjusted for laser cutting
  • ...and too many more...

Other "Makes"

Here I'll collect some pictures where I didn't write a whole project page (yet?), e.g. if it was just my take on someone else's project or it's simple enough to be understood from one photo. However, if you have any questions I'm always happy to help and could document more!

"Private" Pages

Feel free to read on if you feel like it, but these probably won't be interesting to you - more like notes to myself ;-)