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Self-Made Mallets

Carpenter's mallet - Lukas.JPG
Status: planning
Release Date: summer 2020
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: self-dried timber (beech, ash, ..?)
Tools Used: bandsaw, Japanese saws, wood lathe, planes
Approx. Cost: virtually free

I plan to try out several mallet designs with my self-dried timber.

They are going to have beech heads (rather hard) and - if possible to separate the parts - ash handles (more elastic). As an alternative to ash I am also considering "tree of heaven" (Götterbaum) wood because I happen to have some pretty dry pieces around and besides looking a bit like ash it is supposed to have similar properties! DE: [1], [2], [3]

Carpenter's Mallet

Carpenter's mallet - Lukas2.JPG

A classic carpenter's mallet/joiner's mallet with a blocky head for a bit of force where needed.

I stuck pretty closely to this "Wood by Wright" instructable and made this mallet entirely with hand tools during the "Corona Shutdown". It did not see that as a limitation, but a challenge - by the time I got closer to the end I even decided to ban sandpaper from this project and cleaned up all surfaces with blades only.

Alternatively, many people go for a laminated head design but I want something solid that won't be in danger to break at (bad) glue lines. Of course those glue lines could be reinforced, but meh...

Carver's Mallet

A turned round mallet for even chiseling no matter how precisely you aim (in theory).

I'll see if I can turn a solid mallet from the piece of beech I have, otherwise it could make sense to glue the hard pieces around a more flexible handle material.

A disadvantage of this design is that side grain will be used on the striking faces, which would wear out more quickly than end grain if the mallet sees heavy use.

Dead Blow Mallet

"Barrel-Head" Mallet

Not actually sure whether I'm going to make one of these, but it's a nice beginner woodturning project: