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Patrick, Martin, Johannes and Lukas take care of managing the CoMakingSpace (CoMakingSpace gemeinnützige GmbH to be exact) as a charitable company.

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or problems you may have! The easiest way is meeting us in the Space or writing an eMail to info [ät]

Any help in making sure we can do good work as a charitable community workshop is very much appreciated, we all do this in our spare time ;-)

Split Responsibilities

In February 2019 the management team decided to split specific roles between one another to help with organisation. Here is the list of branches each of us is responsible for:

Community: Lukas

  • membership related management
    • entering/removing members in our database
  • keeping the calendar up to date
  • general contact for tutors and other volunteers

Inventory: Patrick

  • commissioning tools
  • equipment acquisition (buying and donations/loans)
  • dealing with broken tools
  • organizing cleaning (e.g. via do-something hours)
  • reordering consumables (e.g. drinks, screws etc.)
  • waste disposal

Financial: Martin

  • keeping an eye on the budget (e.g. new tools)
  • contracts & payment
  • file our taxes and make sure we keep our charitability
    • Tätigkeitsbericht
  • funding applications

IT: Martin

  • keeping online resources running
  • backups & updates

PR: any manager

  • networking, sponsorships & cooperations
  • updates on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • newsletter
  • event support
  • seminar schedule

This task list doesn't mean that person is working on this alone, but rather they keep on top of the organisation to make sure progress is made. If you have any questions or want to help with a specific task feel free to contact the manager in charge of it.

for easy linking (and persistent if jobs are switched at some point), you may like to use these templates: