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We call Makers who are willing to share their knowledge about machines or more complicated tools "tutors" - please do not hesitate to talk to them prior to attempting something for the first time, they are glad to help you out! In fact, the use of pretty much all machines in the Space requires a personal introduction by one of its tutors.

Even after receiving your introductions, please do not be afraid to admit when you do not know something yet and make use of literature (including this wiki!), YouTube tutorials or the help of other Makers rather than trying potentially dangerous new things on your own.

When to Talk to a Tutor

All our machines that are not certainly common household appliances, must only be used after receiving a tutor's introduction to prevent damage to the machine, your workpiece or worst of all yourself. Some machines have introduction waiting lists, for the others you should just arrange a short meeting with a tutor of your choice. Drinkable bribes are welcome if you want to speed things up ;-)

If you already have an introduction but are not certain about any detail, the tutors will gladly help you out as well. And of course, if you find out something important that we do not yet cover: please tell us!

How to Contact a Tutor

Every machine's tutors and the written introduction are linked in its MachineInfoBox.

On a tutor's user page, you will usually see a UserInfoBox with some contact information and you may also find the person in our Telegram group or on slack.

You can also send eMails via this wiki:

  1. log in
  2. visit the tutor's user page
  3. click "Tools" in the menu at the top
  4. click "Email This User"

Become a Tutor

To become a tutor, you should enjoy teaching others about cool (but dangerous) machines. You should stay aware of the current wiki articles of "your" tools and try to add more information whenever you notice something is missing. You should also be willing to keep learning from others and contribute with small maintenance tasks. That means you should also watch the corresponding label on our issue tracker to be aware of new issues or progress on maintenance tasks. Of course the existing tutors and managers will coach you in the beginning.

Sounds interesting? Let Lukas know if you want to become a tutor for anything!