Telegram Group

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There is a CoMakingSpace Telegram group for any members who are interested in "Maker" chitchat, short-notice cooperation, live updates from the Space and general foolery ;-)

Feel free to join using the link above! Along with Slack, this channel has replaced our initial mailing list which was much less user-friendly.

If you do not have a Telegram Account yet, please follow these steps in order to join the group:

  1. Get telegram for your mobile operating system:
  2. Set up your account by following the in-app instructions
  3. Click this Link: CoMakingSpace Telegram group


Luzian created a CoMaking sticker pack for Telegram. click to add stickers to your telegram. If you have space related sticker ideas contact Luzian so he can add them to the sticker pack.

Telegram Bot

Telegram as a messaging service has been chosen because it offers a nice API for bot development.

The bot we are using has been developed in Python and is mainly using the python wrapper for the telegram bot API.
In order to have the bot run 24/7, it is currently running on the Raspberry Pi in the Common Room. You can find the code on GitHub.

In case you want to use the bot, please use this link.


The functionality of the bot is devided in three authorization groups:

  1. Public
    These are functions which are not at all restricted. Any telegram user can use these.
  2. Authorization Group 1
    These functions are generally working, but are either in beta test or should only be run by a limited number of users.
  3. Authorization Group 2
    These functions are administrative functions are should only be used by people who know exactly what they are doing.

As an overview, the bot currently provides the following:

Command Parameters Authorization Group Functionality Other triggers
/start public Returns a list of all commands which are enabled for this user.
/wikiuser public Returns a list of the number of the top ten wiki authors (based on the number of bytes changed) of the last 7 days.
/help public Returns a link to this article
/events number of days (e.g. /events 10) public Returns a list of events from the CoMakingSpace Google Calender for the given number of days (default: 14) Runs automatically on sundays for the next 14 days and posts that into the Telegram Group.
/wie_kann_ich_martin_am_besten_nerven Authorization Group 1 Returns "sei einfach du selbst".
/randomize_ringtone Authorization Group 1 Sets a new random ringtone and sends it to the first user of authorization group 2. Randomizing the Ringtone runs daily at midnight. In case somebody manually changes the ringtone, this will also trigger the information to the first user of authorization group2.
/fdd Text (e.g. /fdd Hallo Authorization Group 1 Sends text to the [FDD].
/update Authorization Group 2 Triggers a git pull on the pi and returns the output. Afterwards, it restarts the bot.
/github number of days (e.g. /github 10), defaults to 1 Authorization Group 2 Checks what happened in the Issue Tracker in the given number of days and returns an overview. Runs automatically daily at 1pm and posts the results to the Telegram Group.

Feature Ideas

Command Parameters Authorization Group Functionality Other triggers
/print a file Authorization Group 1 Prints the file given by the user on our Printer -
/QR_Code Name of a Tool Page Authorization Group 1 Uses the wikicrawler in order to generate the QR Code of a tool and send it to the user -
/Project_Pic Name of a Project Page Authorization Group 1 Uses the wikicrawler in order to download the picture of a given project, add the QR code and return it as a printable picture for the Project Wall -