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Project Wall

Project Wall.JPG
Status: released, but never ending!
Release Date: April 5th 2019
Initiator: Lukas
Team: Keno, Martin
Materials Used: plywood, spray paint
Tools Used: handheld circular saw
Software Used: Python
Approx. Cost: minimal

In order to show off the awesome stuff that can be and has been done at the Space, we declared a plywood sheet on the community wall in our common room as "project wall".

This sheet was a simple boring door to some unused space in our first location (Czernyring) until Keno decided to paint it in a nice black with some black and yellow construction yard border. If you are into PeelPorn, please head over to instagram for a video!


If you want to put your project onto the wall, please feel free to just print something and put it on there. Please make sure you use tape and not nails. This will make sure the wall lasts as long as possible.

For the initial creation of a starting set of pictures, we used the wikicrawler script. It looks for pages in the Project namespace, checks for existing ProjectInfoBoxes and extracts the images out of those.

Afterwards it adds a grey border (in the same color as the wall), the project name and a QR code which leads to the "Projects" wiki page.

The initial set of pictures was ordered from, which is pretty cheap and works well with non-standard image sizes.

Keno and Ciaran take down the door for painting
Keno and Johannes apply a decorative border with spray paint and laser cut stencils