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Quick Info

Name: Martin
Expertise: Software
eMail: martin @ comaking . space
GitHub: NitramLegov

I am a technology enthusiast with a strong IT Background. I enjoy working both on Software projects as well as on "real world" projects (e.g. in the woodworking workshop).

In the CoMakingSpace, I can mainly help you out with questions regarding software development, software usage, our network setup and anything around raspberry pis. Additionally, I became a Manager in 2019, so feel free to reach out to me in case of administrative questions.

I´m full of Ideas for private projects as well as for the space itself. This page will serve as a list for me.

Since working in a team is usually more fun, feel free to reach out to me if you want to work together on any of the topics mentioned below. You can usually find me in the Space during the opening hours or contact me via the "Maker Community HD" WhatsApp group. You can also send me an E-Mail


I started to become a tutor for some machines we have. Right now, I am a tutor for the following machines:


"Completed" Projects

Completed here means that these things are usable.

Ongoing Projects & Stuff

other topics / ideas

  • Noise Warning sign above the workshop doors (ESP with microphone inside the rooms)
  • Further extension of the network in our new location
    • Electronics Room
    • Workshop
      • Workshop in general
      • CNC Corner
  • Lots of issues for the space.
  • Seminars
    • Musicbox
    • Raspberry Pi
    • PlatformIO (done, first feedback received, to be enhanced)

Wiki Stuff (my working list)

Tools I am allowed to use

Aaaaaaall of them!

Missing Introductions

None ;)