Heat Introduction

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This is the content required for an introduction to our tools working with heat:

reading this does NOT replace the mandatory session with a tutor! It will make it even quicker though ;-)

If you need this introduction, please reach out to the following tutors: Patrick, Lukas, Martin, Keno, Luzian, Johannes

Let's begin! First off, make sure you have read the tool's manual, if available.


Personal protection: Protection - gloves.svg

Dangers Precautions
Danger - heat.svg
heated nozzles, surfaces or deposited material (like glue or solder) become hot & stay hot for a while after turning the tool off
allow time for everything to cool down before touching it or placing the tool back into its case
(hot air tools) very hot air is produced (over 500 °C)
  • don't point the nozzle at body parts or other people
  • use a well-insulated glove if you have to hold the workpiece in your hand
  • make sure the surface you put your workpiece on can handle the hot air
2006-06-011,34, S.jpg
burn injuries can be more serious than expected due to sticky substances like hot glue or the wrong treatment
quickly apply slightly warm water to burned skin (cold water is okay for small burns, but could cause shock)
toxic fumes can be generated when heating certain materials
  • take care of good ventilation and don't inhale the fumes
  • get familiar with your materials, e.g. the type of solder you're using or the kind of paint you're removing - for instance, does it contain poisonous lead?
Danger - sudden start.svg
no prevention of turning on after loss & restoration of power (keine Anlaufsicherung)
if the power has been lost for whatever reason, always switch off the button before restoring it!