Hot Glue Gun

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Rapid EG212

Rapid EG212.JPG
Synonyms: hot melt glue gun;
DE: Heißklebepistole,
Schmelzklebepistole, Klebepistole
Type: power tool
Material: Ø 12 mm hot glue sticks
Location: common room
Access Requirements: Heat Introduction
Manual: (DE)
Tutors: Lukas, Patrick

Caution: hot glue is hot!

A hot glue gun works by melting hot glue sticks which the user squeezes through a heated nozzle. You'll need to allow a few minutes for the gun to get ready after plugging it in.

Besides sticking various materials together, hot glue can help with putting wall anchors into crumbly walls.

After you are done, please allow the tool to cool down before returning it to its place and avoid bending the remaining glue stick.


This small hot glue gun runs with 200 W and heats up to 190 °C.

Preheating takes 3 to 6 minutes.