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Example: 3D Printer

Type: CNC (additive manufacturing)
Material: 1.75 mm filament
Location: 3D printer farm
Access: upon introduction
Status: working
Firmware: Marlin
Software: Cura
Tutors: Mitja, Lukas

We call a more or less autonomous device a "machine" and its page should contain this InfoBox.


To use this template, simply copy this code into your page and enter the relevant parameters:

|machine name=
|used with=

Default values for some parameters exist, other fields will only be shown when used. Make frequent use of the "Show preview" button and it should be clear.

For example, entering the following leads to the box on the right:

|machine name= Example: 3D Printer
|access=upon introduction
|type=[[CNC]] (additive manufacturing)
|location=[[3D Printer Farm|3D printer farm]]
|material=[[3D Printing Materials|1.75 mm filament]]
|used with=
|tutors=[[User:Mitja|Mitja]], [[User:Lukas|Lukas]]

Bugs/Future Development

  • "smart" behavior like color change according to status would be nice


Unnamed Machine