Hot Air Soldering Station

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Hot Air Soldering Station

Hot air station.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Heißluftlötstation
Type: power tool
Material: solder, metals, plastics
Location: electronics room
Access: after an introduction
Tutors: Mitja, Patrick, Lukas
Manual: DE, EN
Similar (More or Less): hot air gun, soldering irons

A hot air soldering station delivers hot air at your desired temperature and flow.

Warning: After turning off the power on the main switch it will take around a minute to cool down, then it will also turn off the display. Only pull the plug when the display is off.

You may also be interested in the hot air gun.

Creative Uses

Besides soldering, hot air can for example be used to soften PLA 3D prints for processing. Parts of the plastic that have been filed may regain their color after being heated, too! Just make sure you do not touch the plastic with the nozzle or be prepared to clean it very well.

Scorching wood is possible with this tool, but a pyrography burner or laser cutter will most likely do a cleaner job...