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A heat or hot air gun is useful to heat up metals that are hard to solder or to assemble 3D printer nozzles under heat, for example.

For well-regulated and more focused heat you may want to use a hot air soldering station instead.

Steinel BHP 200/2


Steinel BHP 200/2

Steinel BHP 200-2.JPG
Synonyms: hot air gun; DE: Heißluftpistole, Heißluftgebläse,
Type: Heat Gun
Material: heat shrink tubing, plastics, metals,
epoxy casting resin (to pop bubbles)
Used with: spatulas, wire brushes
Location: Metal Workbench
Access Requirements: Heat Introduction
Manual: in the case
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): hot air soldering station


scraping certain paints only works under heat
  • paint removal (see left)
  • bending 3D-prints (be careful, the line between bendable and liquid is very thin with PLA)
  • fitting heat shrink tubing
  • drying stuff (e.g. paint, but not recommended as it could cause cracks)
  • what else comes to mind?