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There are various kinds of plastic you might find yourself working with - make sure you know what it is!

This page is intended as a very rough overview, once we write down more information you'll find links to more detailed pages at the bottom.

Regardless of the type of plastic you incorporate into your projects, you should be aware of the immense impact the use of (single use) synthetic materials has on our planet... (BUND e.V., DE)

Also check out Makezine's six tips for repairing plastic parts and this detailed instructable on "plastic welding"!


More difficult to 3D print than PLA, potentially hazardous fumes - further reading anyway: RepRap wiki

Arboblend (Lignin-Based)

Thermoplastic based on a byproduct from the paper industry


What most plastic bottles are made out of


Commonly used in 3D printing

Acrylic Glass

Thermoplastic, easy to laser cut or bend under heat. Also known as "Plexiglass"

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