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This category collects materials that are not made of another material (in our sense - of course there may be actual chemical elements in them). For instance, metal would be elementary but screws are not (they are made of an elementary material).

Intuitively, many non-elementary materials would often be called "parts" or "components" while the ones listed here are "raw materials" you may want to make something out of.

Content We're Aiming For

Ideally, "Material" pages should contain many of the following sections:

  • introduction (as always)
    • e.g. outlining common uses and basic properties
    • including safety concerns and alternative or similar materials
  • shaping
    • which tools and techniques are available to form or cut the material?
  • joining
    • which techniques, glues or fasteners are suitable to combine pieces made from the material?
  • finishing
    • what are ways to make the material's surface especially nice?
  • marking/painting
    • how can you stain, dye or inscribe the material?
  • sourcing
    • some materials are available in the Makerspace, but maybe you can share your experience with a store?
    • are there different subclasses of the material that buyers should be aware of?
  • links
    • there's no need to plagiarize stuff that's already out there, but linking it as "further reading" or "inspiration" is very helpful!


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