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Synonyms: DE: Metall
On Site? some scraps
Location: metal workshop
Suggested Tools: e.g. twist drill bits, taps and dies, hacksaws,
milling table, hammers, disc grinder

As is the case with "plastic" and "wood", the term "metal" refers to many different materials with sometimes drastically different properties. If you were led to this page by a link on a tool page, that does not mean that tool can deal with all metals. Rather, the writers wanted to show that common metals are appropriate or simply weren't sure which one they are talking about - please do some additional research and add details/more precise links if you know more!

Metals share some characteristics like electric conductivity (some more, some less) and a shiny surface, but may differ in any of the following and more:

  • hardness
  • density ("weight")
  • ability to be magnetized
  • melting point (usually pretty high)
  • heat conductivity
  • susceptibility to corrosion (e.g. rusting)
  • suitability for recycling

To make things even more complicated, there are tons of alloys combining properties of different elemental metals...



Have a look at this video for an extensive summary of different cutting tools and their advantages and disadvantages!

Some metal cutting tools we have are


There are several methods to produce a hole in a metal workpiece but drilling is the easiest and most common in a hobby setting. Make sure to use twist drill bits suited for your specific metal and drill at a slow speed and high pressure to obtain long swarfs (Späne). Cutting oil may be needed to cool the drill bit.


Metals can be turned on a metal lathe!


Metal pieces are commonly joined with fasteners such as screws or rivets.

For permanent bonds, welding or brazing are utilized.


Sheet Metal


Sheet Metal

Synonyms: DE: Bleche
Suggested Tools: e.g. snips, step drill bits, rivet gun, scroll saw

While many metalworking tools can deal with metal workpieces in nearly any shape, some are specific to sheet metal. See above for notes on different metals - not all sheet metals are the same!

Thicknesses vary as well, if you notice a tool can not safely handle your workpieve anymore do not attempt anything foolish and please note your observation on the tool's page.

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