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Dremel 4000

Dremel 4000 with bits.JPG
Synonyms: multitool, "moto tool";
DE: Bohrschleifer, Feinbohrschleifer,
Kleinbohrmaschine, "Mini-Bohrmaschine"
Type: power tool
Material: wood, plastics, metals, stripboard
Location: metal workshop
Access: upon introduction
Tutors: Lukas, Mitja
Manual: (also in the box)
Similar (More or Less): drills, disc grinder, Einhandstabschleifer

Rotary tools, made e.g. by Dremel or Proxxon, are commonly used by Makers and many accessories and hacks are available.

At the CoMakingSpace, you can use a Dremel 4000 with many accessories.


Most rotary tool bits are designed for very high speeds and would not work well in a drill. The maximum speeds for each type of bit can be found in the manual, but it would be nice to build a more intuitive overview here as well.

  • small twist drill bits
  • abrasive cutting discs for metals (like a tiny disc grinder)
    • also work great with stripboard
    • not suitable for aluminum (too soft, clogs up the disc and can cause dangerous overheating)
  • sanding drums (ideal for wood)
  • wire brushes - never operate above 15000 rpm, these can shoot little wire pieces at you even at lower speeds!
  • grinding stones
  • polishing pads
  • abrasive burrs
  • ...and more

There are some generic products on the market which may be of similar quality as the original manufacturers' bits but are much cheaper.

Other Useful Accessories