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I'm a student at the university and in my 5 semester of my bachelor in applied computer science. I grew up surrounded by art and crafts. I love working with wood, metal and paint. I see myself as a maker and I try to create everything i need within my possibility, therefor I like to learn new things all the time and share the knowledge I have.

I always have a lot of projects in my mind and want to do them all at once without finishing one.


"Completed" Projects

Completed in the space

  • pizza shovel
    Pizza shovel
  • 3D printed Tatoopen for stick and poke

Ongoing Projects & Stuff

  • Kitchen knives
  • hot metal corner
    • a forge
  • 3D printing a pi case
  • 3D printing a showerhead holder
  • engrave a picture in glass

Tools I am allowed to use

Tools I am a tutor for

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