Reciprocating Saw Introduction

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This is the content required for an introduction to our reciprocating saw - reading this does NOT replace the mandatory session with a tutor! It will make it a lot quicker though ;-)

Let's begin! First off, make sure you have read the tool's manual (Bosch PFZ 700 PE: here).



  • sharp oscillating blade - possible kickback
  • generates dust and small chips
  • generates noise


  • make sure the blade path is free and you won't cut into the table or similar
  • make sure the blade is long enough so that it can reach through the material when fully retracted. (too short a blade relative to the material being cut will cause dangerous kickback)
  • before cutting into the workpiece, make sure there are no obstacles such as nails in it
  • secure the workpiece with clamps so nothing shifts and nothing large falls down once the cut is made
  • wear goggles
    • perhaps also wear a dust mask (depending on the material you're cutting)
  • wear ear defenders
  • make sure the locking lever isn't "on" before plugging the saw in (the trigger should move freely)
  • make sure the blade is not moving before putting the saw back on the table
  • in order to avoid kickback: never turn on the saw when the blade is touching something (e.g. the workpiece)
  • always let the baseplate touch the workpiece before starting to cut
  • leave the sawblade in the cut until it has stopped


During the introduction, the tutor will show you the following:

  • inserting/removing saw blades
  • choosing and changing the orbital action settings (Bosch PFZ 700 PE: chapter 7 in the manual)

Besides these safety notes, you should know which type of blade is suitable for the material you want to cut!