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Slowmo jigsaw.gif
Synonyms: pendulum jigsaws,
DE: Pendelstichsägen
Type: power saws
Material: wood, metal & more (depending on blade)
Access Requirements: jigsaw introduction
Tutors: Lukas, Mitja, Patrick

A jigsaw is a powerful tool for cutting various hard materials in curved lines. For intricate shapes and thin materials, have a look at a scroll saw or a laser cutter. While relatively straight lines can be achieved by means of a fence, a circular saw (especially chop or table saw) will produce better results if you need precision.


When using the jigsaw, always take the time to properly clamp down your workpiece, hook up a shop vac and wear safety glasses. Wear hearing protection as it is really loud.



T-shank (T-Schaft) blade suitable for our jigsaws

Some saw blades for various materials should be available in each saw's box - if you broke one or need anything specific, please buy some new ones!

As a rule of thumb, the blade should be at least 1.5 cm longer than your workpiece is thick. [1]



Upgrade Ideas

Project Ideas

Here are some examples of projects you could use a jigsaw for:

Parkside PSTD 800 A1


Parkside PSTD 800 A1

Parkside PSTD 800 A1.jpg
Location: chop saw station
Access Requirements: jigsaw introduction
Manual: in the box, pdf
Tutors: Lukas, Mitja

Mitja's jigsaw works with T-shank blades.

It has a laser sight but you are better off ignoring that feature and setting up a solid fence to cut along ;-)

Bosch PST 750 PE "EXPO2000"


Bosch PST 750 PE "EXPO2000"

Bosch EXPO2000.JPG
Access Requirements: jigsaw introduction
Status: temporarily unavailable - loan paused until 2021-5 (latest)
Manual: ManualsLib
Tutors: Lukas

Lukas is permanently loaning his Bosch jigsaw to the Space.

It requires T-shank blades to work.

Malte 3D printed an adapter to use this saw with our Festool shop vac, here's the design on Thingiverse in case it should break or go missing. You may need to tape the adapter to the saw.