Router Jigs

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When you're routing a hole or recess and want precision, freehanding is not an option. CNC routing may work, but takes a lot of preparation for a one-time cut - so your best option may be a router jig!



Rectangle Router Jig

Rectangle router jig.JPG
Synonyms: adjustable rectangle routing template
Type: guidance jig
Used with: clamps, TX 30 key or screwdriver;
router, copying rings (optional)
Location: Wood Workshop (next to router table)
Access Requirements: read this page
Tutors: Lukas

We have some very handy flat aluminum extrusions that Lukas saved from the trash because of their jig potential: they can interlock with each other at 90 degrees at any length!

Before assembly, you will need to calculate the desired inside measurement. This depends on the way you'll use it:

  • using a router within the jig:
    • inside(jig) = inside(hole/recess) + router base diameter - router bit diameter
    • advantages: maximum depth usable, clamps are not in the way of your movement
    • disadvantage: large enough workpiece area needs to be availabe (easier with a palm router), router bases are usually not evenly round
  • using a router with copying ring on top of the jig
    • please double-check, not tested! inside(jig) = inside(hole/recess) + copying ring diameter - router bit diameter
    • advantages: even guidance no matter how you turn the router, also works close to the workpiece's edge
    • disadvantages: harder to clamp the jig down without obstructing the machine, loss of routable depth, only possible if copying ring is flatter than the jig

Then, make sure to clamp the jig down securely before starting your cut and you'll get great results!

this router jig can also be used with a jigsaw, but at least the corners won't turn out nearly as nice
the jig is very handy if you need slots that are a bit wider than your router bit

Future Improvements

  • it would be very handy to keep a dedicated Torx key in the same place as the jig
  • maybe we could add precise rulers for easier setup - e.g. glued on or engraved somehow?



Circle Router Jig

Circle routing jig in use.jpeg
Synonyms: hole cutting jig, circle cutting jig; DE: Fräszirkel
Type: guidance jig
Used with: wood screw, Makita DRT50
Location: below router table
Access Requirements: read this page

small circle jigs may be included with some routers, let's check and add them here!

Patrick made a 3D printed circle cutting jig for our Makita DRT50. To use, drive a screw through the small disc so the jig can freely spin around this point and set the desired radius by moving the router along the guide rods. Cutting range is ~200-720 mm ⌀ (depending on the router bit used).

Circle cutting jig

more self-built options: look for "circle routing jig" or "Fräszirkel" online!