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Einhell Air Tech Euro 2200-1

Einhell Air Tech Euro 2200-1.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Kompressor
Type: pneumatics tool
Material: air
Used with: list of accessories below;
blast cabinet
Location: (soon) metal workshop
Access: after a personal introduction
Tutors: Lukas

You can find our air compressor in the metal workshop.

It is powered by a 1.5 kW (2 horsepower) motor and can compress 210 liters of air per minute to a pressure of 8 bar.

With no accessory connected, the coupling on the right ("full pressure") was found to leak on 2018-3-25 - if this problem persists we should replace the part!

Pressure Control

air outlets - full pressure on the right, decreased on the left

There are two outlets on the compressor: the right one delivers whatever amount of pressure is available in the tank (up to 8 bar) and the left one is adjustable by the pressure reduction knob in the middle.

Turning the knob clockwise will increase pressure, counterclockwise turning increases it!

For an accurate adjustment, first close the reducer all the way and then open it to the desired extent.


oil level indicator

The oil level should always be kept between the red dot and the top of the level indicator.

You should drain excess water through the valve at the bottom of the tank before and after long runs - release the air from the tank first!


So far, we have:

  • a simple blow gun
  • tire filler (Reifenfüller) with Michelin fitting ("car valve")
  • 20 m hose drum