Compressor Introduction

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This is the content required for an introduction to our compressor - reading this does NOT replace the mandatory session with a tutor! It will make it a lot quicker though ;-)

If you need this introduction, please reach out to the following tutors: Lukas, Luzian, Martin, Patrick

Let's begin! First off, make sure you have read the machine's manual.


Personal protection: Protection - goggles.svg Protection - hearing.svg Protection - gloves.svg

Dangers Precautions
compressed air is generated and released through the connected accessories:
  • small parts and dirt can fly towards you when blasted
  • the airstream can damage eyes, ears and other sensible organs
  • blowing air into certain shapes of holes or recesses can generate an unhealthy amount of noise
  • do not point any air tools and nozzles at yourself or other people - we have a shop vac for cleaning!
  • wear well-fitting goggles and ear defenders
  • wear gloves if you need to blow air at something you are holding
filling unsuitable containers with compressed air can cause them to explode do not fill any containers (tires etc.) if they appear damaged, and never above their pressure rating
a bubble of air in the bloodstream can kill you do not use if you have any open wounds
Danger - sudden start.svg
no prevention of turning on after loss & restoration of power (keine Anlaufsicherung)
if the power has been lost for whatever reason, always press the orange button into the "off" position before restoring it!
Danger - heat.svg
parts of the machine may become hot during operation
to avoid burns, don't touch any motor parts if the compressor is or has been running in the last 15 minutes

Practical Demonstration

  • connecting and disconnecting the couplings
  • setting a defined pressure, e.g. 4 bar for bike tires or the blast cabinet

Further Reading