Plastic Shredder

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Plastic Shredder

Plastic Shredder.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Kunststoffschredder, Plastikschredder,
Kunststoffschneidmühle, Plastikschneidmühle
Type: Plastic Shredder
Material: plastics
Location: Wood Workshop, Precious Plastic Corner
Access Requirements: Plastic Shredder Introduction
Status: under construction
Manual: (build instructions)

This machine is still under construction, but over time the page should contain more and more information!

The shredder is the first machine we are building for the Precious Plastic project as all the other machines require small, somewhat uniform pieces of plastic as their raw material.

We should remember to take some photos with each step, so that we can put together a nice build log like this one in the end!


Armin got the laser cut parts and two flange bearings; they are in a box in the metal workshop.

Lukas contributed a piece of 27 mm (Schlüsselweite) hexagonal steel.


  • 3 kW, approx. 1500 rpm Drehstrom-Asynchron-Motor
  • gearbox: 20:1
  • electronic components:
    • emergency stop: TBD (similar to the one at the CNC router)
    • 1xMotorschutzschalter 6,3-10A Gekauftes Modell:
    • 2xLeißtungsschutzschalter mit Hilfskontakten Gekauftes Modell: DIL EM 01 G mit 22 DIL E
    • 2xLeuchttaster für rechts- linkslauf
    • Stopp Taster
    • 3Phasen Hauptschalter


We have a small selection of perforated metal plate (Lochblech) that could be adapted (cut and perhaps re-drilled) to be the "sieves" determining the particle size that comes out of the shredder.

Other materials include threaded rods and other metal parts that we should already have at the Space.


The following tasks should be sufficient in order to assemble the shredder. If everybody is fine with github, we can also move this task list into a project on github. Please contact Martin if you want this to be done.

Number Relevant Part Task Status Responsible possible tools
1 Shredder Buy laser cut parts for the shredder itself Done Armin -
2 Shredder Buy the hexagonal Steel Done Lukas -
3 Shredder Adjust the hexagonal steel Done Johannes, Armin Metal Lathe
4 Shredder Assemble the Shredder Done Flor -
4.1 Shredder sharpen the blades mostly(?) done Flor, Armin bench grinder
4.2 Shredder harden the blades not started who else would like to help? Luca's & Chris' furnace?!
5 Shredder weld the assembled shredder parts together mostly done - Lochblech holder is missing! Luzian Welding Transformer
6 Shredder make a hand crank for first tests Done -
7 Motor set up suitable motor - we have a motor (3 kW, 1500 rpm) and ordered a gear box (target speed approx. 70 rpm), they need to be mated done Johannes, Lukas hacksaw & clamps as makeshift gear puller
8 Motor attach the gearbox to the shredder axis waiting for 7 who else would like to help? metal lathe
9 Motor switches - select & install an emergency stop, direction selector and a Motorschutzschalter waiting for 8 Johannes, who else would like to help? -
10 Framework design the framework exchanged some ideas (depends on 7) Armin, who else would like to help? -
11 Framework buy the needed parts waiting for 10 who else would like to help? -
12 Framework Assemble the framework waiting for 11 who else would like to help? Welding Transformer
13 Hopper Decide on the Material Done (all metal, window could be added later) - -
14 Hopper Assemble the hopper Done Flor Welding Transformer
15 Hopper add a clear cover and a safety switch (endstop) that recognizes when the cover is open Done who else would like to help? -
16 Overall put it all together.

Mount it to table and create particle size filter.

waiting for 15 who else would like to help? -
17 Overall security check, define the introduction waiting for 16 at least 1 manager, who else would like to help? -

Vorläufiger Strohmlaufplan:
Schredder Wendeschützschaltung.png