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Threaded Rods

ISO metric thread M20.JPG
Synonyms: allthread, threaded bars, "headless bolts";
DE: Gewindestangen
On Site? some (M3-4-5-6-8)
Suggested Donation: between 25 ct (M3) and 1.25 € (M8) per meter
Location: metal workshop
Suggested Tools: hacksaws, rotary tool, files, dies
Contains: usually galvanized steel
Similar (More or Less): metric screws

Threaded rods are cheap metal parts that are basically metric screws without heads.

To turn them without damaging the thread, try countering two nuts against each other and grip them with wrenches or pliers or cut a groove into the end to insert a flathead screwdriver.

Cut them to your desired length with a hacksaw or rotary tool - to protect the thread at the cutting point, screw on a nut and remove it after cutting/filing or use a die.