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Large hscksaw.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Bügelsägen, Metallsägen,
Sägebogen, Bogensägen
Type: hand tool/saw
Material: metals, plastics,
wood (depending on blade)
Location: metal workshop
Access Requirements: read this page

Hacksaws are saws with an exchangeable blade tensioned between the two opposite ends of a metal "bow". The blade is usually oriented to cut on the push stroke so you can utilize your body weight against a fixed workpiece (e.g. in a vise), but when you are holding the piece yourself it may be much easier if you flip the blade around. Certain small 15 cm hacksaws ("Puksägen") are normally set up to cut when pulled.

A miter saw (essentially a hacksaw with guides to cut straight) might also be interesting for you.

Shortening Screws

Hacksaws are very useful for cutting small pieces of metal, such as screws or threaded rods. Since the saw blade will damage the thread, try screwing nuts on one or both sides of your cut before you start - they will fix the thread when you take them off again! Filing down the end of the freshly cut thread from outside to inside is also a good idea to improve engagement with the matching female thread.

In worse cases, clean up your work with a die.