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Example: Scroll Saw

Scroll saw.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Dekupiersäge,
Type: power tool/saw
Material: wood, acrylic glass, metal
Used with: shop vac
Location: wood workshop
Access: upon introduction
Tutors: Lukas, Mitja
Similar (More or Less): fretsaw, bandsaw, laser cutter

Pretty much everything that does not qualify as a machine and is (usually) not a consumable is a "tool" and should get its own page eventually. Dangerous or complicated tools first, of course!


To use this template, simply copy this code into your page and enter the relevant parameters:

|tool name=
|used with=

Most fields will only be shown when used, i.e. you can create more or less detailed boxes. Make frequent use of the "Show preview" button and it should be clear.

For example, entering the following leads to the box on the right:

|tool name=Example: Scroll Saw
|image=scroll saw.JPG
|synonyms=DE: Dekupiersäge,<br>Feinschnittsäge
|type=power tool/[[:Category:Saws|saw]]
|access=upon introduction
|used with=[[Shop Vac|shop vac]]
|location=[[Wood Workshop|wood workshop]]
|material=[[wood]], [[Acrylic Glass|acrylic glass]], [[metal]]
|tutors=[[User:Lukas|Lukas]], [[User:Mitja|Mitja]]
|similar=[[fretsaw]], [[bandsaw]], ''[[Laser Cutter|laser cutter]]''

There are a few tool categories such as power tools, hand tools or saws - please also categorize your page to make it easier to find!


Unnamed Tool