Chop Saw Introduction

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This is the content required for an introduction to our chop saw - reading this does NOT replace the mandatory session with a tutor! It will make it a lot quicker though ;-)

If you need this introduction, please reach out to the following tutors: Patrick, Lukas, Luzian, Martin, Johannes, Keno, Sebastian, Utis, Jan, Jakob

Let's begin! First off, make sure you have read the machine's manual.


Personal protection: Protection - goggles.svg Protection - hearing.svg

(a dust mask could also be necessary depending on your material)

Dangers Precautions
sharp and rotating exposed blade - will keep spinning for a bit after turning the power off!
  • keep your hands well clear of the blade until it has stopped completely
  • check whether your planned movement is possible before turning the saw on - there are screws that may lock it in several places (see "Demonstration")
sawdust and small splinters can fly towards the operator and others
  • hook up a shop vac, but be aware the dust extraction will still be incomplete
    • the large saw draws too much power to be connected through the shop vac's on-board outlet, but should be powered from a separate power outlet instead
  • wear goggles
  • dust mask: depending on the material you're cutting
kickback: workpiece can move during the cut or cause the blade to push itself up
  • clamp your workpiece to the saw's base, if possible
  • always cut from front (closer to the user) to the back of the workpiece when using the articulating arm
  • let the saw start before touching the workpiece
cutting the incorrect material for a saw blade type
  • only cut wood and plastics with the chop saw in the woodworking area
  • wood-cutting saw blades can easily get caught in workpieces made of metal and can cause serious kickback


The tutor will show you these steps in detail:

  • adjusting the bevel
  • adjusting the rotation
  • setting the depth stop
  • releasing the blade guard and starting the saw

Waiting List

This introduction takes longer than many others and usually can't be done spontaneously during regular opening times. If you would like to receive it, please add yourself to >> this list << and we will find a good time once a few members are on it!