Horizontal Bandsaw

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A horizontal bandsaw is like a chop saw for metalworking: it can nicely cut a straight piece of stock into smaller bits at the angle you desire!

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This tool is not ready for use yet since not all commissioning steps have been completed. The process is also tracked on GitHub. Feel free to contribute to making it usable, any help is very welcome!

Task comment Status
Name the tool: very similar newer model: Herkules HMB 4000 Herkules .....
Take a picture - pending
Find the manual as PDF probably similar enough: Herkules HMB 4000 (manualslib) pending
Documentation this page, status: in commissioning pending
Print QR-Code use the wikicrawler pending
Introduction may need a separate intro from our vertical bandsaws - let's start by collecting everything here & see clear later pending
Security Check to be done or witnessed by a manager pending
Test known problem: needs new guide bearings (4x, type: ??) pending
tool's name, owner and approx. value donation from Mamad pending
Last step: make it available physically and in the wiki - then delete this template pending