Welding Transformer

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Welding Transformer

Welding transformer.JPG
Synonyms: stick welder, arc welder, "welding machine";
DE: Elektrodenschweißgerät,
Lichtbogenschweißgerät, Schweißtrafo,
Type: power supply
Material: welding electrodes, steel
(or other compatible metals)
Used with: welding helmets, welding curtains
Location: metal workshop
Access Requirements: arc welding introduction
Status: needs a few more commossioning steps and improvements!
Manual: a bit similar, but NOT the same tool:
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): welding inverter

This tool is not ready for usage yet, since not all commissioning steps are completed yet. The process is also tracked on GitHub. Feel free to contribute to making it usable, any help is very welcome!

Task comment Status
Name the tool: nothing specific written on the case "done"/impossible
Take a picture - done
Find the manual as PDF Lukas: only possible if we find out the name - not the correct one, but good to read: similar simple Einhell welder done
Documentation this page could use some love, e.g. pictures of how to set things up & adjust current; settings range pending
Print QR-Code use the wikicrawler done
Introduction Arc Welding Introduction done
Security Check to be done or witnessed by a manager done
Test Lukas done
tool's name, owner and approx. value provide to a manager for inventorization done
Last step: make it available physically and in the wiki - then delete this template pending

We are currently improving a donated welding transformer.

Once the necessary maintenance and documentation is done, it can be used for SMAW ("stick" welding) after a personal introduction!