3D Printing Materials

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3D Printing happens with so called "Filament". You can choose from any of the Filaments available at the CoMakingSpace once you are qualified to carry out filament changes on the different 3D Printers! Excess plastic is collected close to the printers and seperated by material.

Besides the pages about plastics we have already written in this wiki, the Prusa 3D printing handbook is a great resource for looking up properties and possible difficulties.

We try to keep things easy and recommend a donation of 5 ct per gram for all our materials - all proceeds go into new materials and printer repairs or upgrades. If you would to see a certain color or material added, please suggest it to a manager.

Spool Weight

If you don't know whether a spool has enough material left for your print, weigh it on a sensitive scale and subtract the weight of the spool itself to learn the amount of filament left.

A spool from Innofil 3D weighs 250 g, a spool from UniCoFil weighs 220 g and a spool from "DAS FILAMENT" weights 218g.


Here we will sum up our overall opinions about the various suppliers we have tested. You can also read this german article if you want to get a general idea of the pros and cons of different materials.

  • UniCoFil
    • great quality, local supplier!
    • relatively strong - usually positive, but keep this in mind when planning to tap holes with screws!
    • offers multicolor and lignin filaments
    • made in Germany
    • nice quality and price but charges 6+ € for shipping on each order
    • also offers PETG (not tested yet)