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Reducing waste is one of the major challenges of modern times - among other strategies, recycling waste products back into the stream of raw materials can help shrinking our landfills!

Reclaim Components Whenever Possible

While entire assemblies or PCBs will most certainly not fit your requirements, you can easily salvage parts like screws, springs, LEDs, motors or switches to use in one of your next projects or add the to the community supply: for instance, we are collecting recycled metal parts which are free to take! If you have a bunch of the same kind you could also start a new drawer in the small parts cabinets and we'll have them in our assorted selection from then on.

Still not convinced, or not sure what to do with all the parts you now have? Check out RETR3D for instance, an automatic design generator for 3D printed parts to combine your components into a 3D printer!


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