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Synonyms: light emitting diodes, "led";
DE: Leuchtdioden
Suggested Tools: soldering irons, diagonal pliers

LEDs are a cheap and efficient way to light up your projects but keep in mind that they usually need a current limitation and are always polarized (straight side/short leg = negative).


An easy and cheap way to diffuse the individual bright spots into relatively uniform areas of light is to add some kind of paper between your LEDs and the viewer.

LED Strips


LED Strips

LED strip with Controller.JPG
Synonyms: LED stripes, tape lights; DE: LED-Streifen,
LED-Bänder, Lichtbänder, "LED-Leisten"
Suggested Tools:
Contains: flexible PCB, LEDs

LED strips are pre-assembled linear LED arrays that are popular for lighting furniture or DIY projects. There are fancy ones available where you can control the intensity and color of each LED independently with a microcontroller such as an Arduino.

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