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Synonyms: DE: Papier
Suggested Tools: scissors, scalpels, paper cutter,

laser cutter

Contains: wood pulp
Similar (More or Less): paperboard, colored card

Paper comes in various colors and thicknesses, which may be used for various purposes. It may seem to be limited to 2D projects, but you could of course always learn origami, kirigami (also used as a term for these pop up cards), quilling or step up to paperboard for more sturdy spatial designs.

Special glossy or transparent papers are available in craft stores. It is also relatively easy to make your own paper - even from invasive plants or exotic stuff like elephant dung!

Material Science

  • origin: wood (cellulose fibers)
  • biodegradation: possible, speed depends on glue and paint content
  • recycling: paper bin ;-)



Paper can be glued well, e.g. with glue sticks or wood glue. Also check out label paper which is already prepared with an adhesive film!

Packaging Projects

There are tons of ways to use (thick) paper for packaging - check out for free professional-looking designs!