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Monolith 2 in 1 OC 500

Paper cutter.JPG
Synonyms: "knife and wheel cutter"; DE: Papierschneider,
Rollenschneider, Hebelschneider
Material: paper (also laminated)
Location: common room
Access: upon reading the manual
Similar (More or Less): scissors, knives

A paper cutter is a nice option for precision cuts in paper.

Our model can also perforate or make a wavy cut with its cutting wheel. Make sure you only switch the wheel's modes in its front position!

The knife side is not completely straight at the moment and does not cut along its entire length, perhaps a simple adjustment will help.


Make sure you unlock the knife before attempting to pull it up!

Cutting Capacity

  • 10 sheets (80 g/m²) with the knife
  • 3 sheets (80 g/m²) with the wheel