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Here you can see which felt-tip markers are available in the CoMakingSpace, which materials they are compatible with and (ideally) how to remove them. For temporary labels, please use masking tape anyway as removal with chemicals may leave traces.

Supposedly, adding a few drops of isopropanol to a dried out marker can "revive" it temporarily.

For other marking tools, have a look at the "marking & measuring" category!

Edding 3300


Edding 3300 Markers

Synonyms: "Sharpie"
Type: (consumable) hand tool
Material: nearly all dry surfaces (check the imprint)

There are cheap sets with 10 different colors of Edding 3300 markers available online which should allow you to label "nearly every material" (if you discover an incompatible material, please add it to this page).

The tip of these is cut at an angle but rather thick (1-5 mm).