Laser Scraps

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Although laser cutting can be a very low-waste process (extremely thin kerf compared to sawing or milling), some shapes do not align well and the sheet you're using will hardly ever fit your needs exactly so you will end up with some scraps.

Don't throw all of those away, some pieces may still be usable! Other Makers may be able to conduct material tests on them or even use them in small projects. Many jigs can easily be made from credit card sized pieces, so please use this opportunity to reduce waste.

While thin strips can also be useful (for stirring paint or adhesives), please just throw them into the appropriate bin - they would quickly fill up storage and those who need them can still fish them out.

Project Ideas

Some things you may be able to cut out of others' leftovers (woohoo, free materials!):

  • earrings
  • thick (and perhaps countersunk?) washers
  • labels/name tags
  • game pieces
  • <what else did you come up with?>