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Jigs (Vorrichtungen, Werkstatthilfen) are helpers for difficult standard operations, such as drilling angled holes, making specific cuts, or accurately repeating something.

jig to hold a specific odd-shaped workpiece on top of a table saw sled

They can usually be self-made! Please share your jigs if they can benefit others - it's as easy as labeling them with a meaningful name and creating a corresponding wiki page with instructions! Every page in the "Jigs" category shows up on the bottom of this page for everyone to find.

Good to know for adjustable jigs: M6 screws advance exactly 1 mm per turn.


Here are some ideas for commonly needed jigs if you feel inclined to make one for yourself or the Space:

  • bench hook
    • lvl 2: shooting board
  • table saw sleds
  • drill press table
  • star knob jig - perhaps one for M6 and one for M8 screws/T-nuts?
  • V-block for drilling into round or angled pieces
    • should have a long "V" groove and a second "V" on the side, as shown here


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