Table Saw Sled

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Table Saw Sled

Synonyms: crosscut sled;
DE: Querschnittlade, Ablängschlitten
für die Tischkreissäge
Type: table saw jig
Status: slot has become too wide for optical guidance
Used with: Elektra Beckum PK 255
Access Requirements: read this page
Similar (More or Less): bandsaw sled

A table saw sled drastically improves the cross-cutting abilities of small table saws. While the chop saw should still be the preffered machine for large workpieces and single cuts, a table saw sled makes quick work of repeated small cuts.

The one we currently have was made by Lars and fits on the Elektra Beckum PK 255. As of September 2022, the slot had deteriorated to a point where accuracy would certainly suffer - it is strongly recommended to fix the sled with a new central inlay that will once again match the blade perfectly once it is "cut in".

TO DO: please add photos & advice on how/when to use the sled!


Lars did some magic so the back fence is exactly perpendicular to the sawblade. There is no adjustment mechanism for later corrections.

To reduce friction, we applied paraffin to the underside of the sled and it seems to be fine so far. Otherwise we could also try some kind of very smooth adhesive tape.

Further improvement ideas:

  • safety block where the blade exits the rear fence - keeps fingers away!
  • adjustable rollers aligning the sled with the saw table from the right side
  • clamp-on jig for cutting box joints in multiple passes