Bandsaw Sled

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Round Stock Sled

Bandsaw sled.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Bandsägen-Zuführschlitten
Type: jig
Material: round or thin pieces you want to crosscut;
any material appropriate for the selected sawband
Used with: Metabo BS 1638 W
Location: wood workshop (near bandsaw)
Access Requirements: read this page
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): bandsaw fence

Never attempt to cut round workpieces without a jig, they could rotate and bind with the blade!

Lukas built this jig in order to crosscut 100 mm acrylic pipe for Project:Fish Cages, but it should also work for less precisely round pieces (logs, branches) or smaller diameter pipes/tubes.

after some successful cuts with a given material, you may be confident to use the sled without clamps - but always try it the safer way first!
some 3D printed T-slot guides were screwed into the underside of the sled at just the right places for nice tracking on the machine table