Bandsaw Fence

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Simple Straight Fence

Simple bandsaw fence.jpg
Synonyms: parallel fence; DE: Bandsägen-Parallelanschlag
Type: jig
Used with: Metabo BS 1638 W
Location: wood workshop (near bandsaw)
Access Requirements: read this page
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): bandsaw sled

This bandsaw fence (made by Manu) looks similar to a parallel (or "rip") fence on the table saw. It is attached to the bandsaw's table with two small clamps.

However, you may need to use it at a slight angle depending on the sawband! If the blade drifts, a parallel fence will only cause you trouble... Determine the correct angle by freehanding a cut along a straight line for a few cm, then set the fence according to your workpiece!

Further Ideas

Next, we could make a magnet-held "point fence" like Andrew Klein's really fancy one with integrated bearing "feather board"!