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We got two bandsaws from our awesome members!

There is a larger bandsaw for wood and a smaller one for metal.

Interesting Resources

Metabo BS 1638 W


Metabo BS 1638 W

Metabo BS 1638 W.jpg
Synonyms: "Bandsäge"
Type: power saw
Material: wood
Used with: 2225 mm bandsaw blades;
bandsaw fence, bandsaw sled
Location: wood workshop
Access Requirements: bandsaw introduction
Manual: identical(?): Metabo BAS 380 (
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): scroll saw

The Metabo BS 1638 W (you can probably drop the "W" when searching for accessories) is a three-wheeled bandsaw for 2225 mm bandsaw blades.

The saw was missing a parallel fence but Manu built one that should be fine for most uses, please help us out if you would like to improve and document it further!


more details in the manual!

  • cutting height: 160 mm
  • throat clearance (Ausladung): 380 mm
  • max. workpiece weight: 15 kg
this saw can easily cut through quite thick pieces, such as this part of a log

CMI C-S-BS 250


CMI C-S-BS 250

Synonyms: CMI C-BAN-250 (probably the same)
Type: power saw
Material: wood, metal (depending on blade)
Used with: 1400 mm bandsaw blades
Location: metal workshop
Access Requirements: bandsaw introduction
Manual: nearly identical: Westfalia RBS 205
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): scroll saw

This small bandsaw does not have much power, but is nice for learning the basics and in case you just need to make some curvy or cold cuts through soft metals.

The blade guides are very simple, just consisting of two pins for the sides and a bearing for the back of the blade. Ignaz is going to turn an eccentric bearing mount to increase their lifetime (by default, the blade runs too close to the center of the bearing).

Please refer to the proper blade-guide distances explained in our bandsaw introduction, NOT the ones from the manual!


  • blade length - 1400 mm
  • max. blade width - ???
  • max. blade thickness - 0.36 mm [1]
  • max. cutting depth - 80 mm

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