Project:Plastic Beam Forming

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Plastic Beam Forming

Fertiger Beam.jpg
Status: experimenting stage
Initiator: Massi
Materials Used: various thermoplastics
Tools Used: plastic shredder, drying oven

Massi has begun experimenting with plastic beams made from self-shredded recycled plastic flakes.

Open Mold Method

To make beams without special machines, you can use a mold which is open on one of the long sides. Molten plastic is filled in and pressed into the mold with a matching "fourth side" piece.

[missing: shreds(?), pressing(?), finished beam]

mold type mold size plastic type plastic in [g] temperature [°C] duration beam size notes
welded steel 50 × 4 × 2 cm PP 350 240 approx. 2 h (?? min baking pan; ?? min mold) 49 × ? × ? cm near the Memmert oven's limits (only fits diagonally)