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There are trash bags in several rooms for the regular types of trash ("Altpapier", "Gelber Sack", "Restmüll"). If the bags are full or you have for example larger pieces of cardboard box, please put the directly into our trash cans (Mülltonnen).

Our waste bins behind the building
the way from our backdoor to the trash can pickup/storage spot

The cans are usually collected on Tuesdays, please help making sure that they are out in their spot then! They need to be brought to the little roofed area besides the gate, you'll also find a calendar and these instructions on the backdoor :-)

New bags can be found in either the kitchen area or with the cleaning supplies in the bathroom.

Not everything is trash though: we collect broken tools, scrap wood and firewood. If you have trash that does not belong in any of these bins, please take it back home and dispose of it properly.