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Arboblend Filament.jpg
Synonyms: lignin filament
Suggested Tools: 3D Printers, hot air gun,
hot air soldering station,
knives, rotary tool, files,
twist drill bits, sandpaper

"Arboblend" is Tecnaro's trade name for a group of lignin-based plastics. Lignin is a byproduct of the paper industry that is most often burned but possesses a high potential value in future bioeconomies [1].

We have used some 3D printing filaments from UniCoFil that are made from an Arboblend compound and saw great results regarding strength and surface finish.

The material does not smell as bad as ABS or some kinds of PLA - and without added colors, it actually smells like wood when you 3D print with it!

The extrusion temperature is lower than for most of our other materials (180 v 230 °C), but we have not yet tested how much heat it can endure after printing.