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Schleifpapier verschiedene Sorten.jpg
Synonyms: glasspaper; DE: Sandpapier,
Schleifpapier, Schmirgelpapier,
Type: (consumable) hand tool
Material: wood, metal

Sandpaper is useful for finishing surfaces, e.g. in woodworking.

This page deals with simple sheet sandpaper, for the sanding discs or belts used with power sanders please refer to the corresponding machines.

General Advice

  • sand in circular motions to minimize visible marks on your workpiece
  • for small parts, lay down the sandpaper and move your workpiece rather than the paper to reduce stress on fragile bits
  • work your way down from rough to fine grits until you are satisfied
  • trying to sand inside of narrow grooves (e.g. gears) is very frustrating, see if you can use a key file instead
  • tear it or use cheap shop scissors or box cutters if you need to resize sandpaper, blades are dulled quickly by the abrasive material!


A simple sanding block (sandpaper holder) can save you a lot of trouble.