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Pi Lab

Pi Lab.jpg
Status: first version working
Initiator: Martin,Johannes
Team: Martin
Materials Used: Raspberry Pi
Software Used: Raspbian
Approx. Cost: 65€

Ever since the restructuring of the E-Bench done by Johannes, Martin had the idea in mind to create a Raspberry Pi based lab for quick testing of circuits and other stuff.

This was finally built and is ready to be used for some quick prototyping with a Raspberry Pi or some other microcontroller

General Structure

The Core of the whole project is a Raspberry Pi(3B+) attached to a display and a breadboard. The Pi is connected to the breadboard using a ribbon cable and a breakout board. The breadboard offers enough room to include another microcontroller (such as an ESP32) and your components.

In order to include peripherical devices, an active USB Hub is available and provides 7 USB Ports.


For maximum compatibility, the Pi runs on Raspbian (Raspbian Buster with desktop, released on 2019-06-20). It will boot into the desktop where it will automatically log in using the user pi.


Part Source Price
Raspberry Pi (incl. Starter Kit) https://www.pollin.de/p/raspberry-pi-3b-starter-kit-810946 49,95 €
HDMI DVI Adapter https://www.pollin.de/p/hdmi-adapter-720967 1,75 €
3x Laborsteckbrett https://www.pollin.de/p/labor-steckboard-510174 11,25 €
Pi Breakout board https://www.reichelt.de/raspberry-pi-t-cobbler-plus-rpi-t-cobbler-p-p235529.html 3,60 €
Display Already available
Keyboard Already available
Mouse Already available

Further Hardware considerations

This is a list of stuff we could possibly think about. However, we have to check if we really need these things (so far this list is just a braindump)