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The Raspberry Pi is a popular single board computer.

Here are 10 project ideas from Makezine if you are curious what a Pi can do!

Motorola Atrix Lapdock

This phone Lapdock can also be used as a standalone HDMI display or keyboard/mouse (only if HDMI port is plugged in) for a Raspberry Pi if desired.

Hookup of the Lapdock to the Raspberry Pi; here shown on a 2B Model

For connecting the Raspi to the Lapdock you'll need 3 cables:

  • 1 USB (male) to MicroUSB (male) cable with the attached female-female MicroUSB adapter
    • connect this cable to the MicroUSB (male) port on the Lapdock and one of the USB ports on the Raspi (this will provide the data link for keyboard and touchpad)
  • 1 USB (male) to MicroUSB (male) cable
    • connect this from one of the two standard USB ports on the Lapdock to the MicroUSB port on the Raspi (this will provide power to the Raspi. You can alternatively use a different power source here.)
  • 1 MicroHDMI (male, D-Type) to HDMI (male, A-Type) cable with female-female MicroHDMI adapter
    • connect this to the MicroHDMI (male) port on the Lapdock and the HDMI (female) port on the Raspi (for display data as well as sound)
    • Note: The Lapdock will only turn on when the HDMI cable is connected (a pin will be pulled to ground and therefore signal the Lapdock to activate)

The Lapdock is charged via a 19V 1.58A power supply with a 4mm barrel connector (center positive). Be aware: The charger is mains-earth referenced! Be very carful when connecting other earth referenced devices when the Lapdock is charging.



Western Digital offers a special hard drive for Raspberry Pi.

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