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Music Station

MusicStation 06.jpg
Status: done
Release Date: August 2018
Initiator: Martin
Team: Martin
Materials Used: film faced plywood
Tools Used: Raspberry Pi
Software Used: Musicbox

Since existing bluetooth speakers do not provide enough power, Martin decided to build custom speakers for usage on the camping ground of different festivals.


The system is based on a regular Rasbian Lite installation, which gets adjusted by the installation script in the following way:

  1. Installation and configuration of mopidy and useful extensions
  2. Installation and configuration of bt_speaker


From an electronics perspective, the system uses a Raspberry Pi in combination with a X400 HAT. It gets powered by a couple of lead batteries.

The wiring is as follows: GPIO 22 & GND are connected to the shutdown button. GPIO 14 & GND are connected to the status LED.

The case is built with film faced plywood:

Further Improvements

Check possibility to use a ESP32

On the last Festival, I was mainly using the bluetooth functionality. Playback using Mopidy as well as the Wifi Hotspot was not really used. For bluetooth playback, a ESP32 should be enough. This should lower the needed power significantly.

Shutdown board in case of power losses

Since the system is powered by batteries, there is a possibility of sudden power outages due to a lack of remaining battery power. Therefore, there should be a circuit which either switches from one battery to another and then possibly sends a shutdown signal to the system.

Note: This is only needed for Raspberry Pi based systems.

Different speaker

So far the system is based on Visaton PX-10 speakers. Since they don't provide Thiele/Small parameters, I didn´t calculate the needed box volume and just made a 12 liter box for each speaker, which is most likely way too much.

The next version should use different speakers where the ideal box volume is known.

Make a workshop out of it

Once the new design is complete and tested, there could be a seminar in which we teach others to build their own bluetooth speaker.

Design a 3D-Printed front for the controls