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The network at the CoMakingSpace is built up as follows:

Internet ---> 1&1 Router ---> Netgear WNDR3700v4 (Freifunk) ---> TP-Link WDR4900 V1.3 (OpenWRT, NATting Freifunk to internal network)

Internet Connection

In order to connect to the internet, you can use SSID

Internal Network

In order to connect to the internal network of the CoMakingSpace, please use SSID "CoMakingSpace". The key can be found in the common room.

DHCP is configures as follows:

IP Host TP-Link WDR4900 Raspberry Pi (next to the sound system) Laserjet Printer Raspberry Pi controlling the CNC Router ESP8266 at the Flip Dot Display ESP8266 at the Door Bell Projector Visionect Server Buzzer API Pi - Open for further static services - IPs assigned by DHCP Broadcast address

Within the internal network, the following services are provided:

Service Host-IP Hostname Port
Mopidy (MPD Daemon) comakingcontroller 6600
Mopidy (Webinterface) comakingcontroller 8888
SSH comakingcontroller 22
Visionect Server visio 8081
Printing laserjet8150 631
CNCjs comakingcnc 8080
Buzzer API BuzzerPi 5000

The static IPs will be assigned by the TP-Link WDR4900. If you want to add a service with a static IP please ask one of the TP-Link WDR4900 administrators to add your service and don't just grab a static IP.

Configuration Changes

If you need to change settings for the FritzBox Router (providing the CoMakingSpace network) or any of the Raspberry Pis, please contact Martin .