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QR Codes ("Quick Response Code") are two-dimensional barcodes which can be used to print information in a machine-readable format.

They are heavily used in order to share static information with smartphone users. Most barcode scanning apps are capable of reading QR-Codes.

QR Codes at the Space


There is a sign next to our Wifi Router in the Common Room which provides the credentials for our Network.

If you scan the QR Code using your Android or iOS device, the device will recognize that the code contains network credentials and will provide an option to automatically connect to it.

Help the Space

Our "Help the Space" signs provide a barcode which leads to the issue tracker

Tool Infoboxes

All Tools in the CoMakingSpace are documented in this wiki. Each tool has an infobox, which contains the most relevant information about the tool. In order to make this information more accessible to our members, we created printouts of these infoboxes, which contain a QR Code linking to the corresponding wiki page.

The printous are created by a python script ("wikicrawler"), which can be found on github.

Technically, the script crawls the corresponding pages you tell it (either a category of infoboxes or a specific page) for infoboxes and then replaces the picture with a QR code. In case of a new tool, it is capable of scanning only one specific page, which can then be printed and places next to the tool in the space.